Aaron Copland Songs with Brooklyn Art Song Society

This spring, Brent Funderburk returns to the Brooklyn Historical Society for two concerts in the Brooklyn Art Song Society’s American Iconoclasts series. The February 1 program featured Aaron Copland’s Old American Songs in which Funderburk supported both tenor Dominic Armstrong and baritone Jorell Williams.

Brent Funderburk, the pianist for both sets, brought charm, wit and gusto to the accompaniments. His playing was richly colored, whether in rolling chords or the gentle strumming of the quiet ballads. More than once, his nuanced phrasings caught me by surprise.
— Seen & Heard International
Whether in the foreground or not, Funderburk played his role with sprightly rhythms, characterful commentary, digital dexterity, and piano tone that was equally convincing in the light daddy-dance of the lullaby “The Little Horses” and the murky deep chords of “At the River.”
— New York Classical Review